Dashkova P.

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AuthorDashkova P.
SeriesPolina Dashkova – the best of the best
Publication date2019
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He lost everything: the rank of officer, a high position, salary, separate apartment. The fact that he led collapsed. Detainees released and declared innocent. But he's not going to give up. He has kept the faith in themselves and in their special mission. He begins life anew, building a brilliant career, acquires influential friends. Generals of the KGB and the International Department of the Central Committee consider it his own, useful, reliable, and do not suspect that he uses them in a difficult RAID, which many years of experience alone. It proves the existence of an enemy conspiracy and the guilt of the former defendants. Nobody knows about his secret plans. No one is trying to stop him. No one but a nineteen year old girl, an orphan from dirty communal in Throat stuck. But it's not in the world. It is only a Ghost that is him sleepless nights. The novel spans a quarter century from 1952 to 1977. The plot is based on real events.