Black soap for the bath "grandma's Recipes agafi" 500 ml

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In the box: 6 PCs Grass and charges the result for the bath is a special cosmetic series, is designed to make the bath not only to water procedures, but also a place of relaxation, aromatherapy and healing. Oil and infusions not only help to create a relaxing atmosphere (filled with aromas of pine needles, mint, Hypericum, sage and other wild grasses) but also have a miraculous effect on the respiratory tract and the General condition of a person. They are effective in the prevention of colds and loss of vitality. With years of experience and traditions of the inhabitants of Siberia, beauticians selected 37 most medicinal herbs and more than two years creating the formula for the ideal care of the entire body. The composition of black soap include tar and birch chaga, so this product is unusual for a soap black in color. It can be used as shampoo and as shower gel.